Emission management for heavy industry

2021 – present
Digital design, branding, organisational design

The world is moving towards a net zero emissions economy and Norway's oil and gas industry has committed to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in order to meet the climate targets of 55% by 2030. Stepwise has built a modular platform to control emissions for heavy industry.

During the development and launch of the SaaS application and associated services, Canoe's designers have taken responsibility for managing the design and development of the application. Including the insight process, planning, UX, UI, communications and data mapping and a strategy for the web application's development. The tech start-up has successfully matured through to commercialization and has launched to paying customers. Our team have also taken responsibility for the administration of sub-contractors and developers. Stepwise is currently running a pilot with Vår Energi in Norway and has installed the solution on several drilling rigs internationally.

As part of the products development we have undertaken the following alongside the Stepwise team

  • Establishment of a startup company and a suitable team, including subcontractors
  • Brand and communication development
  • Complete digital product development including continuous prototyping of solutions (UX / UI)
  • Agile process and interdisciplinary team management across multiple locations (from data science to front-end, back-end and design)
  • Facilitation of complex processes where subject expertise sets frameworks and requirements for the product
  • Tailoring of reporting solutions based on recognized standards (ISO 50001 and ISO 14064)
  • Tailoring a cyber-security and information security strategy in accordance to ISO 27001
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