Navigate your future with us.

At Canoe, we're not just creating solutions but building a better future together. Our mission is to navigate the complexities of design and innovation, making an impact across communities and industries. We believe that diversity fuels our creativity, and we are committed to building a team as varied as the challenges we tackle through our unique blend of collaboration, navigation, exploration and creativity.

Why Canoe?
Embracing diversity and inclusion
Diversity is our strength, and inclusion is our strategy. Canoe pledges an environment where every voice is heard and valued. From our projects to our people, inclusivity drives innovation. Despite being a growing team of twelve, our diversity spans seven nationalities.
Impact through design
Engage in projects that matter. Your work at Canoe impacts lives. Our design philosophy focuses on solutions that are sustainable, responsible, and meaningful.
Realise your potential
Continuous learning is in our DNA. Canoe offers opportunities for growth, from specialised workshops to MIT courses. We chart clear career pathways, ensuring your journey with us evolves as you do.
A culture of celebration and learning
Central to our ethos is the celebration of our achievements and the invaluable lessons from our mistakes. We celebrate our wins and learn as we stumble, always in harmony with one another. Together, we cultivate a studio where challenges are met with resilience and guts, proving that wicked problems demand wicked teams.
Benefits beyond the basics
Our benefits reflect our bold mission. Competitive salaries and health coverage, we offer profit sharing, eco-friendly transportation incentives, and opportunities for ownership. Your well-being is our priority, ensuring you have the support to pursue your passions inside and outside of work.
How do I apply?
Show us your world through your design portfolio or innovation know-how. Showcase how you think, create, and solve. This is your first step in navigating a career at Canoe that promises growth, impact, and fulfilment. If you're passionate about making a difference through design and eager to grow in a collaborative, dynamic environment, view our openings below.

Let's navigate the future together!
Frank Lewis
Creative Director
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