2022 – present
Service Design, UX & UI,

Fleet management can be complicated and time-consuming. ABAX MobiSense is a new service from ABAX that analyses your data with the use of an AI engine. The two current insights provided are the company risk score and environmental score, giving the customer full access to new ways of managing the fleet. This new tool will help customers improve their operations and provide exclusive access to discounted data-driven services from ABAX's partners.

Canoe helped ABAX conduct customer insight and early service design, and we worked closely with the ABAX team to design the UX and UI for the first digital demo tested by over 100 clients. Canoe also worked on the branding of the new service.  

ABAX is one of the largest telematics companies in Europe, and they have proved themselves as a forward-leaning and innovative company redefining themselves as a software company, moving from being a product provider to delivering mobility services. 

Abax MobiSense is now offered as a service to all small to medium size customers within the ABAX digital platform, and the result is beyond all expectations. Customers report high satisfaction with their new service.

Soft Design has contributed with UX and UI design.

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